Focus Biotech

Malaysian registered biotechnology company since 2002

About Us


About Us

Focus Biotech is a Malaysian registered biotechnology company since 2002 focusing in the sales, marketing and distribution of high-end R&D equipments and products in microbiology and life science. Focus Biotech being the holding company for Technicvest Sdn. Bhd. incorporated in 1993 holds a good track in the sales, marketing and distribution of research and scientific products.

Currently, Focus Biotech actively engages as the ASEAN regional sole distributor for the featured research-based products, BIOLOG, USA and has successfully established highly active and expanded distribution partnership throughout ASEAN countries comprising Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. With this distribution network, Focus Biotech aims to provide consistent marketing, technical and service support to all current customers and distributors throughout ASEAN.

Over the years, Focus Biotech Sdn. Bhd. has expanded in Singapore with Focus Biotech Pte. Ltd. and recently established an in-house laboratory in Malaysia for conducting related workshops and industrial training in the research and scientific techniques of microbiology and life sciences. This in-house laboratory also provides biochemical microbial ID service with the BIOLOG GENIII ID system and is the centre for hands-on training and meeting for all its ASEAN distribution partners and for current as well as prospective customers.

Our Mission

To be a leading regional distribution centre for scientific and research companies from USA (as well as Europe) intending to set up sales and marketing of their products for the ASEAN markets.

Started its own in-house training laboratory for its principal suppliers to conduct hands-on workshop and microbiological training for customers as well as for supporting laboratory staff. The laboratory will be extended to be a regional research laboratory in future.