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Gram Stain

Our Gram Stain Control Slides are especially
designed so that clinical smears can be placed
on the same slide with the
control organism (Staph. aureus andE.coli).

Protozoa Stain Control Slides

These Protozoa Control Slides
contain smears of a mixture of a
number of the more commonly seen
clinical protozoa in PVA.

Acid Fast

These unique Acid Fast Control Slides
simulate a clinical sputum smear
with appropriate background material.


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StainQuick Trichrome

Complete staining in 2 minutes
This rapid staining procedure gives
excellent results and takes as little
as 2 minutes to perform with
non-mercury PVA smears and
less with other fixatives.


The novel MycoPerm stain contains Plasticizers which help in making A durable long-life preparation.

AFB Smear Fix

Hardy Diagnostics AFB Smear Fix is designed to assist in acid-fast staining of positive mycobacteria cultures from the 12B culture vials used in Becton Dickinson's BACTEC™ Automated Culture System.

Acid Fast Stain Kit

Kinyoun modified staining technique, for differentiating acid-fast bacteria (AFB), such as Mycobacterium spp., from those that do not resist the acidified decolorization step.

KOH-Methylene Fungal Control Suspension

This 1ml suspension is filled with inactivated Mycelia and spores from an Aspergillus sps. Along with other cellular debris. Makes An ideal control for a skin scraping.

India ink Capsule Control

Now have a standardized permanent, Preserved fixed control for use with India ink This suspension of Cryptococcus is grown To maximize capsule production

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Variable temperature incubators
that plug into your car’s
cigarette lighter


Safe, Fast, Economical and Effective


NOTOXhisto is a fixative that is non-carcinogenic,
non-noxious, non-corrosive,
has no heavy metals nor chloride ions.



Fungi Tape MyTemp™
Mini Digital Incubators
Petri Dish Turntable Tough Spot
Labeling sticker
Temp resist from
- 196°C to 100°C
Pestle Motor Mixer Blazer Burner™
Portable micro burner

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