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Rapid Stains

StainQuick Trichrome

Complete staining in 2 minutes
This rapid staining procedure gives
excellent results and takes as little
as 2 minutes to perform with
non-mercury PVA smears and
less with other fixatives.


The novel MycoPerm stain contains Plasticizers which help in making A durable long-life preparation.

AFB Smear Fix

Hardy Diagnostics AFB Smear Fix is designed to assist in acid-fast staining of positive mycobacteria cultures from the 12B culture vials used in Becton Dickinson's BACTEC™ Automated Culture System.

Acid Fast Stain Kit

Kinyoun modified staining technique, for differentiating acid-fast bacteria (AFB), such as Mycobacterium spp., from those that do not resist the acidified decolorization step.

KOH-Methylene Fungal Control Suspension

This 1ml suspension is filled with inactivated Mycelia and spores from an Aspergillus sps. Along with other cellular debris. Makes An ideal control for a skin scraping.

India ink Capsule Control

Now have a standardized permanent, Preserved fixed control for use with India ink This suspension of Cryptococcus is grown To maximize capsule production

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