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PMs for Microbial Use

Phenotype MicroArray Technology is now available for applications with nearly all important species of bacteria and fungi. Simple protocols are available for testing nearly 2000 cellular phenotypes simultaneously.

Uses with microbial cells

Determine gene functions
  • Compare gene knock-out mutants to wild types
  • Compare naturally-isolated strains with different genetic backgrounds
Identify novel antimicrobial targets by finding genes unique to pathogenic microorganisms
  • Find phenotypes present in pathogenic but not in non-pathogenic strains
  • Find phenotypes present in pathogenic microbes but not in host cells (animal or plant)
Test antimicrobial targets and drug leads by comparative phenotyping
  • Determine MOA of drug leads
  • Compare phenotypic changes caused by target gene knockout versus drug addition
Bioprocess improvement
  • Compare and analyze different generations of production strains
  • QC fingerprint production strains
  • Scan 2000 culture conditions simultaneously to optimize the growth medium for product yield
General cell characterization
  • Determine metabolic properties of any microbe
  • Determine drug/chemical sensitivities

Available tests for microbial cells

To view the tests in the PM sets, click on the map links below.

Metabolic tests for bacteria and fungi
Chemical sensitivity tests for bacteria
Chemical sensitivity tests for fungi