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Focus Biotech Sdn Bhd. in-house laboratory provides microbial identification service employing the BiOLOG GENIII Microbial ID System technology. The Biolog technology has the ability to identify and characterize a wide range of environmental and pathogenic organisms across diverse fields of microbiology of over 2680 species of bacteria, yeast and filamentous fungi.

Biolog's patented technology uses each microbe's ability to metabolise particular carbon sources or chemical sensitivity assays performed within a pre-selected assay of 96 well microplate to produce a unique metabolic characteristic pattern or "metabolic fingerprint" for that microbe. As the microorganism began to utilize the carbon sources or resistant to inhibitory chemical of certain wells, the respiration process reduces the redox dye into purple color thereby producing a pattern of colored wells which that is the characteristic of that microorganism. For Fungi, respiration is measured by reddish orange wells and assimilation or growth is measured by the turbidity of the well. After an incubation period, the metabolic pattern generated by the organism is measured by Biolog Microstation reader and compared to the identification profiles in a corresponding Biolog Database, thus results the microbial species identification.

How To Order

  • Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your request for Biolog GEN III Microbial Identification Service on the microorganism of interest.
  • A quotation and related information will be provided.
  • Confirm your order with the official purchase order by mailing to us. An official letter from your supervisor is required if official purchase order can’t be provided.
  • A preparation information and sample information form will be provided.
  • Prepare and pack the transport culture according to guideline provided.
  • Notify and arrange the shipment date with us.
  • Complete the require information form and attached with the shipment of sample. Culture can be sent either directly to our office or postage to our office.
  • The results will normally be provided within 5 working days for aerobic bacteria and yeast sample; 10 working days for fungi sample.
Categories of Biolog Microbial ID service we offer:
  • Aerobic bacteria for Gram positive and gram negative (GENIII)
  • Yeast (YT)
  • Filamentous Fungi (FF)

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