A CDC report released in March 2009 estimates that "the annual direct hospital cost of treating HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections) ranges from $28.4 billion to $45 billion, and that improving infection control could save roughly $6 billion to $32 billion"

Drug resistant bacteria Detection & Surveillance

Fast and accurate detection of bacteria expressing acquired drug resistance is a keystone in both, the therapeutic treatment success and, the control of their epidemic spread. Microbiology detection procedures based on classical culture media used to involve many tedious manipulation steps and long time response, rendering large scale screening and surveillance almost impracticable, specially in a period where squeezed budgets, cuts and shortening in manpower are demanded in the healthcare re-organisation. CHROMagar introduced a revolution in this field in 2002, with the first chromogenic medium for the detection of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus: CHROMagarTM MRSA.
This medium lead to such significant reductions in both, the response time and laboratory workload, that it allowed an absolutely necessary wide-scale patient screening. The CHROMagar commitment to maintain the innovation effort has lead to a wide range of chromogenic culture media specially designed for the detection of drug and multi-drug resistant bacteria, after overnight incubation, directly from clinical specimens or surveillance cultures.
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